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Becoming A Member Of The Bloodhound Club

What is the Cost?

Introductory Membership First Year £10.50

Junior Membership (Less than 18 years on 1st Jan- Please supply Date of Birth) £8.40

Single Person Full Membership £16.80

Joint (Couple) Full Membership £25.20

Family Membership £31.50

Overseas (Anywhere outside of the UK) ADD Mailing Supplement:

€ zone and other Europe £10.50

Overseas Airmail (USA/ SA/ Australia) £15.75

All Costs Include a Paypal Buyer Protection Fee

What do I get for being a Member?

Four Annual Publications, packed with the latest information regarding Shows, Working Trials, Member Updates, Articles, Health Information and Updates, along with photos and a quiz page.

Along with heavily discounted entry fees for shows and trials.

What are the payment options?

Payment can be made via Cheque, Postal Order, Bankers Order and Paypal (please see the membership form for details on how to make payment)

Please Download Both Documents Below

The Constitution should be read and understood before the Membership form is completed. The Membership form should be returned via Email or Post.

Bloohdoun Club Newsletter and publication

Our Publications

There are four publications which are sent to Members each year. 

The Newsletters have a wealth of content, such as details on upcoming events, messages from our chairman and members, Show and Working Trial results and photographs, updates on the latest health and Kennel Club information, along with fun sections such as quizzes member photo's and stories from members. 

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