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Breeder and Owner Information

Here at the Bloodhound club we are passionate about the Health and Soundness of the Bloodhound. 

We believe that a hound should truly be Dual Purpose- Fit for Function. For the Show Ring and out in the field hunting the clean boot. 

Below you will find information for Breeders and owners, if you are a potential owner this is also a good research page for you to gather questions for your potential breeder. 


Health Information For Breeders 

COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding):
The Kennel Club offers breeders a useful tool online that can check the potential COI of any mating. All responsible breeders should be utilising this facility and, as per the KC recommendation, “Where possible, you should produce puppies with an inbreeding coefficient which is at, or below, the annual average for the breed and ideally as low as possible” At the current time our breed average is 10.00%

Bloodhound Health is our priority

For full information on bloodhound health please visit the Joint health Scheme website

Being Part Of The Breeds Healthy Future

At present the Bloodhound is on the Kennel Club’s High Profile Breed List, in order to be removed off this list the breed has to show evidence that we are breeding and promoting healthy hounds.

The Bloodhound Health Subcommittee has been set up to actively promote breed health and has produced the Health Scheme and Vet Assessment Form. For this to be successful we need Bloodhound owners to support and participate in the Bloodhound Health Scheme providing as many results as possible from pet owners, breeders, show and trial hounds. The greater the participation in the scheme the bigger the difference it will make to the health of the breed.

The aim is to provide as much evidence as possible for the Bloodhound breed to show that it is healthy and also to keep it healthy by highlighting any trends showing health conditions, so that they can be dealt will effectively and reduce the effect it has in the breed.


 This scheme is for Bloodhounds residing in the UK, you do not need to be a member of either Breed Club or participate in any events, however the Platinum Award does include involvement in working trials and shows.

 Bloodhounds must be Kennel Club registered and either micro chipped, tattooed or DNA profiled to participate in the scheme. To be eligible Bloodhounds must be over 12 months old. There is no charge for participating in the scheme, for the assessment form or for certificates awarded. You will have to pay the veterinary fees for the health assessment and health tests. 

Procedure Health Assessments may be undertaken by your own vet or at one of the health screenings that may be organised at a club event. If you decide to use your own vet you will need to apply to the Health Subcommittee for a Health Assessment Form.

 On application you will need to supply the hound's Kennel Club name/registration number, microchip number and your name and address. The form will then be sent to you for your vet to complete.

 Health assessment results will only be accepted on a numbered form provided by the scheme. There is a clause on the Health Assessment Form and Health Certificate
“The above certificate and its results are not a guarantee against any hereditary or acquired conditions that may develop in the future” Any resulting information collected from the scheme may be used in confidential statistical research."


Once you have received the form, book an appointment with your Vet 

The examination for the Health Assessment will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes. The assessment form is self-explanatory and the vet is required to comment on:

  • Visually assess that eyes are clean and free from interference with the eyelashes

  • Visual assessment of ears, ear canal, skin, mouth and teeth

  • Basic Auscultation (unless performed by a cardiac specialist, where a BVA certificate will be required.)

  • Visually/auditory assess breathing

  •   Temperament, movement and testes


Once the health assessment has been completed, the Vet must sign and date the form accompanied with the practice stamp, then a copy must be sent back to the Health Subcommittee, whereupon it will be decided whether a Bronze Breed Health Certificate will be awarded. 

The next step will be to attend an eye clinic held at a Bloodhound Club Show. After attendance apply in writing to the Health Subcommittee, a copy of the eye assessment form is retained by The Bloodhound Club at the time of the assessment, it will then be decided whether a Silver Award will be presented. 

To attain a Gold Award apply in writing sending in copies of the BVA hip score, BVA elbow score and the BVA Heart Assessment, it will then be decided if Gold is to be presented.

 For the Platinum Award send in a copy of your Hound’s Working Permit together with a summary of bloodhound working trials and shows attended including any awards attained. It will then be decided whether a Platinum Award will be presented.

 To attain Stud Dog/Brood Bitch of Merit, copies of the progeny’s certificates must be sent in and a copy of the stud book number. It will then be decided if the award will be presented.

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