Renewing your membership with The Bloodhound Club

Thank you for coming to renew your membership, we value each of our members and are proud to have you a part of The Bloodhound Club. We would like to encourage you to download and read the constitution and code of ethics for members, to ensure we maintain such a wonderful club. 
Thank you
To renew please make payment via the appropriate membership selection below, along with the relevant postage charges if you are outside of the UK. 

Junior Membership (Less than 18 years on 1st Jan- Please supply Date of Birth) £8.40

Single Person Full Membership £16.80

Joint (Couple) Full Membership £25.20 

Family Membership £31.50


Overseas (Anywhere outside of the UK)

ADD Mailing Supplement:

€ zone and other Europe £10.50

Overseas Airmail (USA/ SA/ Australia) £15.75

All our fees include the Paypal Buyer protection fee